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Sponge test server

dev,sponge,server,test,alpha | 6/30/2015
I'Ve started to look into sponge as the replacement of our cauldron server. I'll start with the only 1.7.10 version first and will transition to the 1.8 as more mods and plugins are ported / updated. If you want to try the new server,  use the contact us form.

Domain Name change

dns | 6/16/2015
Please, starting today change the address we are using from sauve.me to sauve.info

SauveCraft updated

with more fun | 1/31/2015

I finalized the server and client updates today. If you're interested to know what change get over the github and read the commits.


Have fun discovering the change ...



Installing SauveCraft 2

update the files | 1/17/2015

After some checking there was a bug in the pack that made the installation difficult. I re-uploaded the file, with the lastest update included.


If you still have trouble, just contact me.



SauveCraft 2

direwolf20 mod pack | 1/10/2015

Server launching tonight. Grab the mod pack SauveCraft_2-v1.0.3.zip on the right side.


Direwolf instance


Already the holidays at our doors. I'm still working on the new instance of direwolf20. Its going good and advance at a good pace. I hope to open it to the VIP for early january. Then to the public end of january.



Opening a New Instance

Update and other news | 11/6/2014

I will open up a instance of direwolf20 1.7.10 this weekend. Here is the Mod list. I'll post the instance address on the top right with the other addresses. You can use the FTB client to connect to it when open.

Also, i'll update the Sauvecraft modpack during the same period, so some downtime will happen.

Will also look into opening a crash landing soon.

Still working on the Portal / BungeeCord setup to link all of of our minecraft instances. Its a real chalenge as the software is not mature for our kind of instances.

We must think with Portal

BungeeCord / Sponge | 10/15/2014

Hello everyone, this is to say that my test with the vanilla server is done and that instance is now unavailable / gone.


Right now, i'm looking into softwares that would permit to have a lobby / Portal to multiple server / instance of minecraft. There will be some testing coming soon and I'll probably need help for the testing.

I already decided on the look for the lobby it will be base on this : Final Fantasy VII : Midgar city.

Hopefully, I'll be able to link together modded instance like direwolf20 modpack, crashlanding modpack, etc ...

Will keep you posted on the development. 



Back to basic

Vanilla 1.8 | 10/10/2014
For those interested, there is now at vanilla.minecraft.sauve.me a 1.8 vanilla minecraft server. There is no whitelist and open to anyone. I'm testing a virtual server with minimal resources to see how much player i can get to play on it before we have lag or other problems.


The forum is now online in the community section.